Journal, September 18, 2021

Considering a reboot. Got a bunch of the old data on SCSI drives, but I have zero hardware capable of reading them. Might pick up a jenky old server with a SCSI card to offload the data onto something contemporary. Doubt I'd put the old server's data online (it's likely wildly insecure, last updated circa 2006) but I could certainly use the old skins as a starting point. The database? Lord, who knows. Remember the forums? The chat? The bots? The gallery? The iweb? The merch? The metal DDR pads? The LAN parties? All those long nights spent coding, fueled by caffeine. Lots of fun projects.

I've spun up a handful of other projects over the years. They were missing something special, I think. This one was made for the sake of making things, not for any particular reason, aim, or goal. It was a tinkerer's plaything. Always evolving, always growing, gluing and taping new things onto it for the simple pleasure of doing so. That's something I've missed. All the other projects were driven for some sort of business goal, some outcome. Ugh, it just strips all the fun out of it when it starts that way. Well, if nothing else, here's a start.